Bosso believes knowledge of Abia Warriors played role in Gombe United’s draw

Gombe United head coach, Ladan Bosso has stated that his fore-knowledge of Abia Warriors played a major role in the positive result they got at the Umuahia Township Stadium on Sunday in a Matchday 5 clash in the NPFL.

The Desert Scorpions grabbed their first away point of the season against Abia Warriors in only their second away fixture of the season after they marked their return to the elite division with a loss to Kada City on January 13, 2019 in Kaduna.

Bosso insisted that he did his homework well on Abia Warriors and was delighted they capped the game with a draw.

He said as soon as he noticed that their opponents started a team with four strikers he instructed his players to shore up the defence to slow them from advancing towards their goal area while also planting a striker in front to wait and pounce in case of a counter-attack.

“We watched the game together though mine was done with tension,” Bosso told

“To be honest Abia Warriors are not a bad side at all. I have heard about the team and I have some ideas about them. I have always been telling them that I have their password. When I looked at their line-up
and the fact that they were using about four attackers at a time I had to change mine to seal the defence.

“I used about three central defenders to shore up the defence so as to block their rushing ability. I thank God that we planned for it and we almost got the three points. Abia Warriors are my former team and like a good coach, you should have the password of your former team. You need to work on it and see what you can make of it.”

Just like his counterpart in Abia Warriors, Bosso also complained that the heavy rainfall that started before the game began and ended just before the end of the first half affected the game-plan. He was thrilled that his players did all that they could to secure a share of the spoils under the unfavourable weather condition.

“Well, the rain affected our pattern and the way we should have played,” Bosso added in a chat with

“But when I saw that rain coming and I know that teams from the north are not good at playing rain ball, we just had to play the ugly way to get a result in Umuahia.”

Ahead of their midweek tie with Yobe Desert Stars in Damaturu, the tactician pointed that they are going
to face Ngozi Elechi’s men with the conviction that they are capable of hurting them at their August 27 Stadium on Wednesday.

“Our immediate next game is against Yobe Desert Stars in Damaturu and we are going from here to there. I told my players that they must strive their best to secure a result against Abia Warriors and I am
glad that they made me happy. We are going to Damaturu to try and do the same too there in our next game,” Bosso said.

Gombe United have four points from three games and they are eighth in Group B of the NPFL standings.