The Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL)

The Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) is the elite League of Nigeria’s Football Federation, embracing the 20 most competitive club sides in the country. Its existence dates back to 1990 when a law came into effect to introduce professional football in the country.

It is managed by the League Management Company (LMC), a limited liability company incorporated as a commonwealth of the participating clubs and the Federation to give impetus to the commercial viability, professionalism and enhanced standards of the game.

Although more than 80 per cent of NPFL clubs are state owned companies, new regulatory requirements make at least 50 per cent equity in these clubs available to private investors.

The NPFL runs a 38 match day season with four clubs with the lowest points relegated at the end of the season while four clubs are promoted to join the NPFL from the Nigeria National League. NPFL matches enjoy good media coverage and following with SuperSport, a leading sports television pay per view channel providing Broadcast sponsorship.