LMC Releases Registration Requirements for 2013/14 Season

The League Management Company (LMC) on Tuesday, December 31 released the registration requirements to be met by Clubs intending to participate in the 2013/14 Glo Premier League. The listed conditions are the minimum eligibility requirements to be met by Clubs before they are admitted and registered for the new season which will kick off after the African Nations Championship holding in South Africa. The registration process commenced on January 1, 2014 and will be completed by January 31 and only those clubs that met the requirements will participate in the new season.

A letter conveying these conditions was signed by the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the LMC, Salihu Abubakar and it reads in part, “as we await guidelines of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) Club Licensing Regulation designed to comply with FIFA and the Confederation of African Football (CAF) licensing directives, it is imperative that we proceed now with plans to start the 2013/2014 season by ensuring compliance with extant regulations regarding Club's properness to continue to participate in the NPFL.

“For the avoidance of doubt, the conditions to be met are as contained in the attached itemized licensing conditions. They have been in the rules book through a number of past seasons but most of the requirements appear to have been overlooked or scantily adhered to. However, they provide the requisite corporate, legal and governance attributes required for typical business practice and sporting development. These Conditions will continue to prevail and would be enforced in the strictest form without prejudice to further amplification that may become necessary with the introduction of the NFF Licensing Regulation”.

Below are the Registration Requirements as set out by the LMC:


1.      Proof of incorporation as limited liability Company with every material particulars of returns filed at the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) up to date as of January 31, 2014.


2.      Affidavit of allegiance to the League Management Company, NFF, CAF and FIFA; undertaking to comply with NFF new  club licensing regulations; undertaking to attend seminars organized for the implementation of the new club licensing system; undertaking to commence in the 2013/2014 season structures for the youth development program.

3.      Affidavit of ownership of the club and undertaken of Owners (in the case of Clubs owned by any of the three tiers of government, government companies and quasi-government agencies) to divest from ownership by 30% in the 2013/2014 season.

4.      Proof of ownership or lease agreement showing unhindered usage of stadium on match days for the next 10 seasons.

5.      Stadium certification addressing all public health and safety issues.

6.      Employment of club General Manager, finance officer, General Coordinator, security, media, medical, physiotherapist, licensing officer. The Club is to provide copies of a letter of offer of appointment to each listed officer and an acceptance of offer letter signed by the listed Officer with photocopies of staff identification card.

7.      Authorized Signatories of Club and specimen signatures.

8.      Particulars of club secretariat.

9.      Financial performance Guarantee from approved financial institution for the sum of N100M (One Hundred Million Naira) during the current season

10.  Club Management Account for immediate past season, 2012/2013.

11.  No outstanding payables in respect of players, coaches or other listed personnel. This declaration must be accompanied by individually signed letters from each player and technical official registered in the previous season affirming not being owed any payable by the club including sign-on fees and salary. 

12.  Players Pre-competition Medical Examination.

13.  Players’ Medical Passport.

14.  Player Identification Table

15.  Player Transfer Payable Table

16.  Player Receivable Table

17.  A List of Incorporation Documents.

18.  Provision of two {2} sets of jerseys ( home and away )

19.  Deposit of duly signed copies of each player’s contract agreement forms which must conform to the mandatory One Hundred Thousand Naira (N100, 000) minimum wage and other registration materials. The Club must provide existing or new Salary Bank Account details opened for each player for the 2013/14 season.

20.  Registration of new players, Clubs should come along with HARD copies of players’ clearance and photocopies of their licenses in their previous clubs

21.  Newly Promoted clubs MUST come along with the photocopies of their players previous licenses

22.  Clubs’ venue {Home Ground} should be stated clearly and communicated to the League Management Company.

23.  Submission of copies of contract of employment of the club’s officials and Technical Crew.

24.  Head Coach/Technical Adviser/Manager of Premier League clubs must possess a CAF License B, while all his Assistants including Goal Keeper trainer must possess at least C certificate to be eligible to sit on the technical bench.

Payment of annual dues and registration fees including insurance for players and officials.

The LMC will be providing requisite forms that will enable the clubs to fully supply the information necessary for compliance with the set minimum licensing condition.

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