The League Management Company (LMC) in partnership with over the counter securities market operator, NASD Securities Exchange took a major step towards bringing private sector investment into the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) when on Monday, March 13; financial advisors were invited to bid for appointment to work with eight of the 20 NPFL Clubs shortlisted for the pilot project.

The financial advisors are to serve as consultants that will prepare the clubs to meet regulatory requirements for enlistment in the stock market and be eligible to attract investment either through being publicly quoted or attract direct financial investment from individuals or investment groups.

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Two of the three Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) Clubs indebted to the ailing Coach Kelechi Emeteole, the League Management Company (LMC) has remitted the amount which represented salary claims by the coach on the two clubs.

Following reports of indebtedness of the clubs to the coach, the League Management Company (LMC) intervened and made the payment which will now be deducted from their Annual Basic Award.

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•As participants commend LMC on three-day workshop

By Ayo Olu Ibidapo

The Nigeria Professional Football League youth coaching clinic has come to an end in Abuja.

The clinic was a product of the NPFL-LaLiga Commercial and Technical partnership as Nigerian academy coaches were put through on the basics of youth team training.

Speaking at the end of the event, Oscar Bruzon one of the trainers from the LaLiga, believes the coaches have learnt a lot and he noticed, in their approach during practice as all the participants showed great enthusiasm all through.

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Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) Youth team Coaches attending a clinic in Abuja has been urged to make the most out of the workshop which has resource persons from the Spanish LaLiga. The clinic is organised by the League Management Company (LMC) in collaboration with the LaLiga Nigeria office. The Laliga Technical instructors are Oscar Bruzon and David Aznar.
At the official flagging off of the workshop in Abuja on Saturday, Chairman of LMC, Shehu Dikko charged the over 100 coaches including 20 from the NPFL youth clubs and others from the third tier Nationwide League, to ensure that they learnt very well from the knowledge to shared by the resource persons. He said the seminar presents an opportunity for those in attendance to learn the art of scouting, coaching and lots more. 

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•Offers salary advance to players
•Players apologise for breach of procedure

Following reports of claims of salary indebtedness of Sunshine Stars to its players, the League Management Company (LMC) has initiated steps to verify financial records of the club in exercise of its powers to inspect club financial records upon suspicions of breach of provisions of the League Rules in respect of overdue payables.

The LMC has pursuant to this set up a verification panel and in the interim has paid 50 percent of the players’ salaries which would be deducted from money due the club from the LMC.

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