WAFU Cup Final: Ghana, Nigeria in duel of regional giants

By Mitchell Obi

Only a fingerful of duels can match this any day and anytime. Instant flow of adrenaline from the players and the fans. Call it the dream contest...Ghana versus Nigeria part two.

This is the game that the continent wants to watch even if it is a regional final. Tinged with revenge and wrapped with the eternal rivalry of two soccer powers this Sunday's final promises a tide and how it will flow depends on the wind of confidence bellowing in either team.


Nigeria scratched a big wound in Ghana's pride with a 2-0 win in the final group game and though the Black Stars had little to fight for in that game, there is no doubt the loss rattled the frame of the home side.

Now they have to win back the fans on the stands and they need to stimulate fresh home energy to puncture the defence grip of a Nigerian side yet to concede and on full flight.

It is a final like no other and brings back memories of a rivalry that has provided great sporting literatures and legends of the game.

With $100,000 dollars on offer for the winner, this final has the aroma and taste of a sweet swiss chocolate...lick the moments and wait for the crunchy last bite.

If you ask who will unwrap the chocolate it may be the Stars. But if you want to see who may take it away, look at the flapping wings of the Eagles. Not so easy. But the two goalkeepers should get ready.
Ninety minutes may not be enough for this. For all so far, this WAFU Cup experience should be celebrated.

The timing is right for national teams in the thick of World Cup and Nations Cup qualifiers. Television has been present on a broad sphere with Fox Sports and nothing brings out the best like neighbourhood fights. They have their enduring charm and they create memories that many love to share.

Why we all must encourage the spread of this kind of regional contest to boost the game it is ironical to imagine that as WAFU is rising from its slumber, another regional dream, the CECAFA; is ebbing away and gradually turning to a nightmare. This season of change!

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